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I went on a date I guess thing with this guy last night and... for the first time in like forever I was actually really into it.  Um, there was this dude a little while back but I was mostly into his body if you catch my drift.  But this guy... is really cool and smart and nice and kind of awkward but not too awkward and we got along really well, I think.. I hope.  And he called me afterwards and stuff so I'm hoping that is a good sign >w< The only thing is that he lives kind of far, like an hour drive, but we met in the middle last night so yeah and he also got there really early and ......... swoon

I've sort of lost my school motivation a bit, which bites, but whatever.  I'm still procrastinating a lot less than I used to :P  Also, I've been having skype sessions with my friend Nickle which has been fun, we're watching Misfits.  I also promised aforementioned dude that I'd start watching Breaking Bad, so I have.  Also I know this sounds stupid but I'm finally starting to make friends in my classes and stuff :) It's really great actually, I kind of need human contact in a big way.  I think that's also helping with me not falling back into such an intense depression.

Anddd yeah.  That's all I really have in terms of updates.  I organized my bathroom, which was cool.  I need to do that to my room now loooolllzzz


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